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We are accepting accommodation reservations for the week of June 21st - June 28th 2013 these are strictly on a first paid basis.

When are we going?

Depart Dublin Fri June 21st - Return Fri 28th, Flying Ryanair Dub - Marseille - Dublin.

How do we get there?

Fly Ryanair to Marseille MP2.

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Where will we stay?

We will be based in La Salle Les Alps near Briancon see map.

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What type of accommodation is there?

We will be staying in a  ski chalet, possibly the same one as previous years The accommodation is based on two people sharing a room with two single beds (Double beds might be possible by arrangement). Each room (Except 1) has an en-suite shower WC and handbasin. The accommodation is the same as or similar to that used in previous years, this to be confirmed depending on final numbers going.

Situated in La Salle Les Alpes with beautiful views of the Serre Chevalier Valley…Le Chalet is a fantastic hideaway nestled in a calm setting within walking distance to traditional villages and within convenient distance to the village commercial centres …shops, restaurants and lifts. This newly built, functional chalet-apartment boasts comfort, modern décor, understated ambiance, and is a well equipped, functional accommodation. It is a great option for a large family or groups… Storage for kayaks, bikes and equipment…Car park… or similar.

What is the cost?

The cost per person is approx €250, and is calculated on the basis of ten people going. This includes a contribution to food expenses and assumes that we we will be eating out for three evenings. If additional funds are required for food they will be requested during the trip.

The cost is payable in advance by cash to Paul or by PayPal using the Buy Buttons on the side of this page or in the Shop tab on this website. Booking deposits must be paid before early April with the balance payable by early May. Neither deposits or full payments are refundable but can be transferred to another person by agreement with SBKC. 

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What type / grade of rivers are there?

The great thing about this region is the variety of rivers. The Durance is the main river in the area and has several sections each with different characteristics. So far there's always been plenty of rivers at good runnable levels whether the local levels are high or low.

(Click on images to enlarge)

The Durance below the slalom site at argentiere. Grade 2/3 Our good Buddy Deb Pinniger.  Check out her website or Google her Deb Pinniger The upper Guisane An easy grade 2/3
Section of the Lower Guisane G3/4 Lower Guisane G3/4 Guil, Triple step G4

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Will I be able for it?

There is such a variety of rivers in this area that there will be something to suit everyone. We may stay as one group or divide into groups to cater for all abilities. The minimum range of ability you should be aiming for is Level 3 with a good whitewater roll. Don't worry if you're not there right now... with some focus most people will get there.

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Will I need extra Insurance?

Most definitely yes. It is suggested that you contact someone like the British Mountaineering Council at their "TREK" policy seems quite good. Beware of some other companies offering cheaper cover, there may be problems or unreasonable delays in making payments. You cannot come on this trip without proof of adequate insurance cover. Sports Cover Direct also offer policies and are available on the web at take a look at their Ventureguard policy.


A lso you will need to bring an E111 form or card. This is also essential.

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What are the costs?

Approximate costs are as follows: The only other major costs are food, drink, groceries and whatever you want to spend yourself.

These are not exact costs and may change but wont be too far off the mark.


Flights, including baggage (estimated) 280.00
Insurance. 75.00
Accommodation (Excl meals etc.) 250.00

Boat transport. Ryanair                                      100

Car / Van hire.

We are likely to be hiring a combination of van (s) and cars. It is planned that the total cost of all vehicles will be combined and divided by the numbe rof people traveling, this will spread costs evenly among the group.


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Can I go midweek or for a few days?
Yes, that's not a problem, but you may have to make your own way to & from Briancon depending on your arrival & departure times and availability of a pickup person. Costs for accommodation will be the same as for the full trip as a place will have to be kept for you. Also arriving midweek is not really recommended as the time spent getting used to the rivers at easier levels will have been lost and you may be in at the deep end...

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What if I want to take a day off?

That's no problem, There's lots to do in the area such as... public leisure centre, shopping, lots of nice cafe's and bars where you can have a coffee and watch the world go by. The old town of Briancon is worth at least a half a day and evening. There's an outdoor lake for swimming and kayaking with its own restaurant. There's lots of good cycling both road and mountain (ski lift's are available for bikes in some areas). There are two glaciers nearby which can be explored. If you're into walking particularly hill walking then this is your spot. Lots to do and plenty of opportunity to just chill out.

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Can I buy this as a present for myself or someone else?

Yes, this can be easily arranged. Aspects such as flights and your insurance will have to be booked by you directly with the providers but a voucher for €100 or €200 can be paid towards your  accommodation costs.

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When do I have to decide?

The sooner the better. Flights will almost certainly increase in cost if you wait too long. There may also be an issue with availability of flights and Ryanair have a maximum number of kayaks they will take on one flight, so the earlier you book - the better. We are also limited by the accommodation numbers in our chalet.... so get in early.

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Who else is going?

Names will be posted here soon.

It may be possible to book other places if we get a bigger house or another house / apartment nearby,

so if you're interested in coming please get in touch soon.... or call Paul @ 086-8261331

The target is 10 people in the house,

There have also been a good number of enquiries and I hope others will book soon.

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This is a group of friends going kayaking, participation in this trip is entirely the responsibility of each person travelling. No responsibility what so ever is accepted by SBKC, any members or any person co-ordinating this trip. This is the case at all times including on and off the water.
This is a non-profit trip organised by those ravelling for those travelling. All of those travelling must be full members of SBKC at time of booking and at time of travelling and for the duration of the trip. Insurance and travel arrangements such as flights, and car hire must be booked and paid for by those travelling directly with the relevant suppliers ie Ryanair, Hertz or BMC Etc.
Accommodation will be booked by Paul on behalf of those travelling and costs for this should be paid to Paul. Van/Car hire will / may also be co-ordinated by Paul.

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Good kayaking skills on grade 3/4 & possibly -5 are required with a good whitewater roll which is essential for this trip, it doesn't have to be bombproof although this would be desirable.
River time... get out as often as possible and push yourself each week. Get to Wicklow and similar places on as many trips as possible. Get to Kerry, Wales or Scotland if there's any trips organised.
Work on safety and rescue principles and techniques.A
im for the level 3 proficiency award as a minimum, the syllabus is on the downloads page. We will also organise an RSR course and all those travelling should attend.

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Equipment Required.

Kayak.   Preferably a large volume kayak such as a Nomad, Burn, H3, GTX, Mamba or something similar but not a playboat.

Good quality paddle and a spare if you have one or maybe a spare between three people. Make sure your paddle has plenty of hi-vis tape so that is can be recovered if you have a swim. Make sure all your gear has your name and number on it.


Good quality helmet with good shock / impact dispersion properties. Should cover the sides of the head particularly the temples. Small helmets that look good don't always provide much protection. Again a hi-vis colour is good. Good straps are essential as you should be able to securely fasten the helmet.


A dry cag is super, some people will prefer to wear a shortie cag which is fine but the long sleeve cag will give you more protection.

Spray Deck.

Good neoprene deck is fine. The nylon type is not suitable.

Buoyancy Aid.

Your B/Aid must be in good condition and should be sized correctly so as to give you plenty of buoyancy. This, together with your helmet are perhaps your two most important pieces of kit.


You can wear a neoprene wet suit or set suit trousers, both will give you good protection if you take a swim. Short / below the knee neoprene shorts are good if you are confident that you will not take a swim.


Good footwear is essential. If you are going to be moving about on wet rocks etc something like a Teva kayak shoe is a very good investment. Neoprene kayak booties are ok but only for lower grade rivers.

Throw Rope.

Everyone must have and be able to use a Throw Rope (Throw Bag). One with a 12mm diameter x 18/20mtr long rope is good. The bag must be plenty big enough to fully and easily repack the rope.

First Aid Kit.

A first aid kit in a water proof bag or enclosure is essential and everyone must have one.

A Knife.

It is said in kayaking circles that if you have a rope... you must have a knife. If you do decide to buy one try getting one that has a stainless steel blade and is easy to operate with just one hand. Have a chat with Paul or Adrian on the river for some suggestions.

Dry Bag

A 5 or 6 litre dry bag is good for carrying your bits & bobs.


This one is up to you. You can consider anything from a disposable to a waterproof digital with video or even a helmet cam.

Air Bags.

Full air bags in the back of your kayak are a must.


A sponge can be useful for getting that last drop of water out of your boat.


A simple whistle that can or will operate when wet is a must... very useful piece of kit.

First Aid Kit.
Have a First AId Kit in your kayak and know how to use it.


Hopefully the weather will be nice and sunny so bring your sunblock.


Make sure all your gear has your name on it. Your kayak & paddle should have your name and contact details.


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Good Reading etc.

White Water Safety and Rescue A super book and indeed one that every paddler should have and read several times whether going to the Alps or not is White Water Safety and Rescue by Franco Ferrero. This is available from outdoor shops such as the Great Outdoors, and perhaps the Outdoor Adventure Store and Outdoor Exchange. It is certainly available on-line from or from


Another super book is White Water South Alps by Peter Knowles. This is an excellent guide book to the rivers of the region and is also available from outdoor shops and




Canoe Control have been running trips in the Alps for years.. During the '05 season they compiled a DVD showing some of the rivers in the region. Again the DVD is available from local outdoor shops or on-line from



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Contact Paul at or 086-8261331

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The amount paid here for accommodation is not refundable, the purchaser may assign the payment for another nominated person's benefit, however acceptance of the nominated person on the trip is solely at the discretion of SBKC. In the event of a nominated person being rejected the SBKC will not be obliged to provide an explanation against the decision.
This trip is a club trip and so neither the club, it's members, organisers, directors or any individual member or person is responsible for any aspect including the organisation, accommodation, welfare or safety of any other person going on the trip..

Alps gift voucher /deposit.

The club have been going to the french alps every year since 2002, below is a flavour of typical arrangements, looking forward to next trip.