Silver Bridge Kayak Club
Welcome to SBKC - Kayaking & Canoeing Based  Drogheda - Navan.

SBKC Membership Cost -

What is the cost?

The annual membership subscription to SBKC is €50

How long does membership last?

One year Jan - Dec.

The length of the membership duration is determined by the committee however is never less than one full year.

What does membership include?

Membership of the club includes the following -

The Clubhouse -

Costs to rent the clubhouse.
Costs to maintain the clubhouse.
Costs to insure the clubhouse.

Communications -

Cost to provide and operate the club phone including calls and text messaging.

Provision of sbkc e-mail contact for members and enquiries from the public and prospective members.

Provision and registration of the club web site

Affiliation to the Irish Canoe Union -

SBKC is affiliated to the Irish Canoe Union (The governing body of canoe sports in Ireland).

Membership of SBKC includes membership of the Irish Canoe Union for every member of SBKC.
There is an annual charge to the Irish Canoe Union of €30 for individual membership and €20 per person if a member via SBKC
There is also an annual charge of €100 per year for the club's membership and registration of  the Irish Canoe Union.

Member to member liability ICU Insurance.

10% equipment discounts in many outdoor retailers.

Limited Liability -

Provision and maintenance of the club's limited liability status via the limited liability company, Silver Bridge Kayak Club Limited.

Maintenance and auditing of the Silver Bridge Kayak Club Limited accounts.
Returns to the revenue commissioners and companies office by professional accountants.

Provision of club equipment -

The club has a stock of regular kayaking equipment which is available for use by members and for beginner & introductory courses.
The club has a box trailer for the safe and secure transportation of regular kayaking equipment.

The club have a number of Canadian canoes which are available to members.

The club have a number of sea kayaks and sea kayaking equipment which is available to members.

Maintenance and existence of the club -

The club is now in existence for 40 years having been founded in 1972. Whereas it is recognised that it is what we do that keeps the club going (or not) we also need funding and hence the need for the membership subscription.


Also, noted SBKC do not charge for outings

Other benefits -

The club provides an excellent place to begin and continue kayaking for people of all skill levels.
It's a great way to meet like minded people who are also interested in Kayaking. There's a warm welcoming attitude and members are always willing to help people with less experience.

The club maintains a sufficient membership so that there is virtually always a number of people available to go kayaking what ever your particular interest is. Club group text is very useful for notifying others that you intend to go for a paddle and there are generally others who will also want to go.

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